Are unbalanced tissues. Its meaning is to give mechanical resistance in one direction, longitudinal, 0°, or transverse, 90°.

Must have at least 90% fiber in one direction and the rest in the other direction, 0° or 90°.

The weights ranging from 200 to 1600gr/m².

Widths from 10 to 125cm.

The densities of yarn per linear cm vary according to the customer and building possibilities.

In the case of UD 0° borders are thermo fixed for greater stability. In the case of 90º can be at the customer request.

In the case of UD to 90º can be produced in 100% fiber to 90º. This composition is called UDP.

Fabric length according to customer needs.

Standard carton tube inside Ø 77 o 156mm.

Packing according to customer needs.

Available in ECR fiber glass (Boron free).