Composed of a fiberglass tissue and fiberglass cut to 5cm sewn together with a polyester yarn (Stitch Mat), the cutted fiberglass is dispersed throughout the product surface homogeneously.

Its main property is that in one step we can applying a fiberglass fabric and a mat at a time.

The fiberglass tissue can be from 300gr/m² to 3000gr/m². This tissue can be either compensated tissue (Plain or Twill) as unidirectional or Multiaxial .

Stitch mat may be in one or two layers and each layer may be from 150gr/m² to 2000gr/m². Each lyer may be diferent gr/m².

The standard widthin is 125cm, and we can produce range from 10 to 250cm .

Acrylic veil to be sewn to the composite to improve the surface finish of the final product. (COMBI PLUS)

Fabric length according to customer needs.

Standard carton tube inside Ø 77, 100 or 156mm.

Packing according to customer needs.

Available in ECR fiber glass (Boron free).