Special reinforcement for R.T.M. technology (Resin Transfer Moulding).

This product is highly deformable that makes it adaptable to the shapes and corners of the mold.

The standard product is formed by a core of polypropylene fiber "non woven" and one or two layers of fiber glass cut to 5cm (stich Mat), all stitched with polyester yarn. So we have a composite fiberglass with a central core that will allow passage the resin in the mould.

The polypropylene core weight can be 120, 180 or 250gr/m².

The weight of each layer of chopped glass fiber can be 150 to 2000gr/m². The most common weights are: 300, 450 or 600gr/m² per layer.

The standard width is 125cm, but do product from 5 to 250cm.

Fabric length according to customer needs.

Standard carton tube inside Ø 77, 100 or 156mm.

Packaging according to customer needs.

Possibility of making fiber product ECR (Boron free).